The Local Domination SEO Plan

This Local SEO DOMINATION plan is an all inclusive local seo campaign that will build your business and brand across the internet and produce significant results in the least amount of time.

Like out other SEO plans, this is a stand alone plan and you do not need to start with Local Essentials, or Local Growth to choose the feature-packed Local Domination plan. This plan includes everything in the Local Essentials & Growth plans but with a more in-depth and involved approach to your social media, content marketing, and advanced directory creation and management. 

See a graphical comparison of our Inspir3d Local SEO plans below: 

Local Essentials

Local Growth

local seo growth plan graphic

Local Domination

local seo domination plan graphic

1. Everything in Local Essentials & Growth Plans

Once again, you do not need to start with the Local Essentials or Growth plan to start Local DOMINATION. The local domination plan is designed to deliver exactly what is says, domination in your local search market.

Your monthly deliverables increase greatly as does the number of team members working on your account and the allocated number of hours as well. 

local seo domination plan graphic
Local Domination Offerings Graphic
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Dominate the local search results for your industry… 

There is one more thing you should know before choosing the Local DOMINATION plan. Your monthly involvement will be imperative. Especially in the first 3 to 4 months. Like all plans, the business owners input is highly beneficial and ensures we are marketing YOUR business in the most effective and timely matter. 

We will do EVERYTHING we can without bugging you. You have a business to run afterall, but we will need to collaborate with you (or a team member) on various items in the beginning.

There is a direct correlation between results and client involvement. Once again, we have our process down and are able to do an impressive amount without your assistance, but we still approach each business individually because after we get through the similarities… YOUR BUSINESS IS UNIQUE.

Let’s go over the Local Domination plan in more detail.

2. Social Media Marketing – Ad Creation & Promotion

Eighty percent of all internet users use Facebook. As of October 2020 there are over 2.74 billion monthly active users. That’s not how many people have accounts, that’s how many people actively use Facebook! It’s safe to say a good majority of your current or potential customers, clients, or patients are on Facebook.

So why paid ads? Why not just post on your business’s Facebook page for free?


It’s estimated that about only 10% of your followers will see your posts. For around $5 we an increase that reach to around 1000 people and even create custom or “look alike” audiences and reach those specifically that would most likely be interested in your product, service, or message.

Affordable Promotion with Maximum Exposure.

Facebook advertising is a great way to increase your brand awareness, traffic to your website, your customer attribution, word-of-mouth referrals, and your conversions. And it’s all measurable! You can easily determine if you are getting ROI on your marketing dollars.

Some businesses use this as their primary marketing, and we can explore whether this might be a good option for you, but we utilize this channel more to accentuate your marketing.

Specifically to: 

  1. Reach more people with your product or  service
  2. Promote new content 
  3. Build your Facebook community
  4. Engage with your current followers and customers
  5. Constantly keep your brand in front of your potential customers, clients, and patients
  6. Boost important messages, surveys, or contests

Many of our clients are experiencing impressive business growth thanks to having effective Facebook advertising campaigns complimenting the rest of their digital marketing strategies. 

3. Website & Blog Content Strategy & Promotion

content strategy lightbulb

There are a lot of factors affecting your SEO but the quality of your content and how your website visitors interact with it is undeniably one of the top factors. Google’s algorithms continue to get “smarter” and puts a lot of weight towards signals like:

  • How long did your website visitor spend on that page?
  • Did they engage with other elements on the page like watch a video or download a PDF?
  • Did they click a link to visit another page on your site?

Build your brand and reputation with purposeful and well written content.

Our process starts with a complete audit of your current content. We will be looking for grammatical errors, sentence structures in need of improvement, reading level scores, and the basics, but we also want to determine whether or not your content:

  • Communicate your product or service clearly?
  • Define your value?
  • Why are you a better choice than your competition?

After we have finished our audit and provided our findings and suggestions, we will review this with you and move forward accordingly.

Next, our team will put together a monthly content or blog posting strategy. This content strategy will be based on a few factors, but mainly: 

  • What questions can we answer or problems can we solve for your clients, customers, or patients?

Our team will provide new page suggestions and a posting schedule.

4. Custom Creatives – Graphics, Video, etc…

creative text with lightbulb

As our team is going through our process of improving website pages, directory listings, social media profiles, and more, there are going to be opportunities when a custom image or video may significantly improve that profile or asset.

First impressions matter. We want your first impression on any potential customers, clients, or patients to be a memorable and positive one.

First and ALL impressions matter.

Pictures, images, infographics, and videos are all a critical part of your online presence. A visitor will have an immediate “feeling” based on aesthetics like the layout, color palette, image choices…

Similar to our written content audit, our team will review your images, color scheme, layout, and “feel” of your website and provide suggestions and examples.

Is your whole website made up of stock images? Some stock images are fine, but we are looking for opportunities to replace stock images with real images. Ideally we want to substitute any stock service or product images with real pictures taken professionally. 

(Here is an interesting study conducted to see if unique images affect SEO)

We have a professional photographer and graphic designers and this is included in this plan.

5. Advanced Directory Creation

medical directory creation graphic

What does the search engine result page look like when someone searches your name?

We will optimize all of your online profiles and ensure that whenever someone searches yours or your business name, that the results accurately portray in the best light possible.

Build or improve your online reputation with key top directories.

This step begins with identifying the best high level directories that you and your business should be on. 

As an example, if you are a doctor, dentist, or other health professional, we are building profiles on Healthgrades, RateMDs, WebMD, CareDash, Vitals, and more.

For lawyers we build or enhance profiles on Avvo, Nolo, Justia, Martindale, FindLaw, and more.

These high level directories require a lot more work (some are like building out a whole website!), but they are honored by Google and many times your patients or clients expect you to be on there. It’s a trust and credibility signal.

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