The Importance Of Voice Search For Your Business In 2021 And Beyond

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Voice search is quickly rising in popularity, and businesses everywhere are seeking to adjust their SEO practices to maximize results. With dramatic improvements in the accuracy of voice search coming from developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, voice search is expected only to continue to increase in significance. As with all technological advancements, voice search presents new challenges and new opportunities for businesses everywhere.

Voice Search Optimization Plan

If your business does not already have a voice search optimization plan, then now is the best time to get on board with the trend. If you do not know where to begin, having a better sense of what voice search means and what voice SEO looks like in practice will give you the tools you need to get started.

Let’s look at some of these points in more detail and learn about why understanding voice search and voice search optimization is essential for your business in 2021 (and beyond):

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Voice Search Statistics Worth Considering:


Almost 20% of all voice searches include the same set of twenty-five keywords.


Voice searches will represent a $40 billion sales channel by 2022.


58% percent of consumers use voice search to learn more about local businesses.


Approximately 90% of consumers are aware of voice-enabled products and devices.


There is a demographic difference in who is using voice search at the moment. Approximately 36% of millennials use voice search features at least once in a month, while baby boomers do so at less than a third of this rate.


40% of voice search answers were provided through featured snippets.


Do not forget about other languages when configuring for voice search SEO. Google’s voice search currently supports over 100 languages.

What Voice Search Is Used For?

Voice-activated devices and applications are everywhere now. Modern phones, tablets, televisions, and home appliances such as lights and climate controls are all able to be controlled using voice technologies. Smart speakers – which operate based on voice-activated mechanisms – are one of the most popular voice-related consumer technologies on the market. These consumer trends are not unique to the United States either. China and other large markets have a huge demand for voice-centric technologies.

Voice assistants in mobile devices are increasingly the go-to option for consumers. Whether on a phone or on a tablet, almost every major player in the mobile space has developed their own proprietary digital assistant. The popularity of using these digital assistants for searching is especially true in the case of searches for information on local businesses. Consumers frequently use the voice search function to determine business locations, operating hours, product offerings, and the like.

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The prevalence of voice searching in recent years highlights the fact that it is no longer a mere novelty. In fact, voice search represents an important development that cannot be ignored by any business.

Reconfiguring For Voice Search Optimization

There are several general strategies that need to inform your voice SEO in 2021 and beyond. For one, make sure that your keywords and content are more closely aligned with natural language use. There are often subtle differences between the way that Google searches are conducted through writing and natural human speech. Understanding these nuances will be instrumental for your business’s success in voice engine optimization. For example, voice searches are typically longer than conventional searches. They are also frequently posed in the form of a question rather than general keywords.

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Using rich snippets – an existing SEO tool – is also effective for ranking higher in a voice search digital environment. Rich snippets are a means of improving your existing HTML to allow search engines to easily understand what your pages are all about. The closer that a search engine can match a user query with the content on your page, the higher your pages will rank.

Since many voice searches are conducted to learn more about local businesses and locations, making sure that your Google My Business page is updated and well-conceived is important. Keeping all of your pages up to date and well-written is also essential. While voice search is changing the way that voice SEO is done, many of the older strategies for SEO have not lost their significance.

Voice Search FAQs

Making Voice Search A Priority In Your Business

Voice search represents a monumental shift in the way that searches will be conducted both now and in the future. These changes are already here and are becoming more significant by the day. As such, it is important that you start implementing voice search optimization in your digital marketing strategy.

This advice is not intended as a suggestion. Voice search is here to stay. Any businesses that neglect the magnitude of this change will be continually disappointed with their digital marketing efforts. Seize the opportunity and get on board with the voice search trend as soon as possible!

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