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A Local Computer Repair Shop's Path to Success & Security

Advanced IT Solutions is a local family-owned and -operated IT support service business located in Mesa, Arizona. The owners, Mike & Rebecca Long, started Advanced IT Solutions after both worked in the corporate world for many years before deciding they wanted the freedom and satisfaction of owning their own business. Today, their business continues to grow and prosper thanks to their work ethic and decision to invest in marketing and a solid online presence.

advanced it solutions website on mobile
local computer repair seo
The entrance office of Advanced IT Solutions
crazy computer repair tech
"Don't let technology headaches drive you insane!" - AITS

The Backstory

How a family owned and operated computer repair shop earned their spot in Google's local search results.

Advanced IT Solutions

As an IT support-based business, the most common services that they provide are computer & laptop repairs; managed IT services; malware, spyware, & virus removal; server setup/support; and data recovery just to name a few. They were appearing in search results for some of these services occasionally, but it was hit and miss and unpredictable.

Our goal was to earn our client a more consistent and predictable spot in those search results. Together we achieved that goal, and this is the backstory of how we did it.

local computer repair seo
Fighting fake reviews is an ongoing issue...

Starting Point - Challenge

The main challenges we were facing were:
  1. The website was not mobile friendly or aesthetically pleasing
  2. Lack of visibility in local search results
  3. And negative and fake reviews

When Mike and Rebecca first started AITS they did a great job obtaining their domain name and building a temporary website. The website did get them online but, unfortunately, it wasn’t mobile- or user-friendly. They had little to no SEO to speak of, so it was no surprise that search visibility was a challenge.

Even with little SEO presence, the reviews were the biggest challenge. It’s no secret that these days, reviews are one of the highest impacting factors for appearing in the search results and being selected by that next potential customer.

Initial Client Meeting

As is our process, we set up a “new client meeting” to share our initial findings and learn more about their business. This can be via phone, Zoom, or in-person. Mike and Rebecca preferred in-person, so we met at their office. We began by asking targeted questions to find out more about their business and unique value propositions. We also spoke about the negative reviews and inquired which ones they suspected were from nefarious competitors.

Next, we shared our reports. Before the meeting, we had already created keyword, industry, and competitor reports. We also thoroughly researched AITS’s overall online presence and drafted a plan of action.

Finally, we discussed the website and weighed the pros and cons of redesigning a new one.

Google trend and SEO reports
Some of the research reports we create are keyword & competitor reports, keyword trends, citations, website health, and overall SEO.


After reviewing our notes from the meeting and referring to our initial reports, we constructed a plan.

Our strategy was pretty straight forward:

  • Address the fake and bad reviews
  • Build a modern, user-friendly, SEO-optimized website that presents perfectly on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile – all brands and screen sizes)
  • Begin our Local SEO campaign

Course of Action

Like our strategy, our course of action was pretty straight forward, too:

  1. Identified the fake reviews and started our process of flagging and contacting the different review sites to get these removed. It takes perseverance and 2 to 3 attempts sometimes. We were able to get most removed.
  2. The second part was to build an effective review generation process and system to counterbalance the few remaining bad reviews with hundreds of new 5-star testimonials.
  3. Mike and Rebecca loved the website layout example we proposed, so we moved forward with creating content and designing the site on our development servers.
  4. Start our local SEO plan.
reputation manager report for aits


Good reviews. Professional looking website that looks great on all devices. And a consistent spot on Google’s local 3-Pack that brings in new leads from online reliably.

Advanced IT Solutions now has over 500 reviews online with an average rating of 4.56. They are even featured on ThreeBestRated for “Best Computer Repair in Mesa”!!! (https://threebestrated.com/computer-repair-in-mesa-az)

Their new website looks great on all screens and communicates their value and what they do really well. It also brings in leads via contact form submissions and phone calls.

And lastly, AITS is highly visible on local search for revenue-producing search queries.

KPIs, Stats & Analytics

KPIs are Key Performance Indicators that measure how well we are doing in achieving our main goal — Increasing revenue for the businesses we partner with. 
There are many KPIs we are interested in, but the main ones are:
  1. Phone calls
  2. Website submission forms
  3. Keyword rankings

Read on for more details for each of these KPIs.

Keyword Rankings

We have to admit, this one was a little bit challenging. Partly because the other local computer repair shops had been doing SEO and even had a head start on reviews. Basically, they had an established online presence that seemed locked-in at times, but staying the course and perseverance paid off. It always does.

Today Advanced IT Solutions has a reliable spot in Google’s 3-pack for “laptop repair near me” and is highly visible for “computer repair”, and other related search queries as well.

Below you can view their keyword report and screenshots of real searches.

laptop repair near me keyword study
Keyword study and report for Advanced IT Solutions.
Mobile search result for "laptop repair near me"
three best rated featured listing
Advanced IT Solutions made the top of the list on ThreeBestRated for "Best Computer Repair in Mesa"

Website Submission Forms

Advanced IT Solutions receives 3 to 5 submissions a week from their “Free Diagnostic” form on their website. This has proven to be a great way to get leads from online because, once they run their thorough diagnostic, they can provide a clear quote for parts and services immediately.

Free Diagnostic Quote Forms

search result for computer diagnostics in mesa az
Search result for computer diagnostics in mesa az.
mobile phone view of website form
Advanced IT Solutions mobile phone view of "Free Diagnostic" form.

Phone Calls

Phone calls! That wonderful sound when your business line rings with your next sale and person you can help. Advanced IT Solutions receives on average 40 to 50 calls a month from their GMB. These leads range everywhere from laptop repair to data recovery.

google data studio gmb call stats for aits
From October July 1 to September 30th of 2020 AITS received 140 phone calls via their optimized Google My Business listing which was a 14.8% increase from same 2 month period before.
Google My Business insights showing phone call stats and other actions for the last quarter.

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