Central Christian Church Local SEO Review

A Comparison of Q4 to Q3
(Oct 1, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020 | Jul 1, 2020 - Sep 30, 2020)

Online Visibility

#1 in Google's Local 3-Pack

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In today’s world, the biggest opportunity to reach more people is online. 

Just like most of us go to Google when searching for a product or service, the same is true for people searching for a church. 

Incidentally, the most popular church-related search term on Google is “church near me” which is searched 450,000 times a month in the US. Based on this information we have made ensuring Central and all of its campus locations come up at the top of search for “church near me”

Now, after four months of SEO, each of Central’s campus locations appear at the top of all search results for “church near me”, and similar search terms.

Church search in Mesa
Laptop & Cell Phone Google Results
Click to search, "church in Mesa" on Google
Church search in GILBERT
Laptop & Cell Phone Google Results
Click to search, "church in Gilbert" on Google
Church search in GLENDALE
Laptop & Cell Phone Google Results
Click to search, "church in Glendale" on Google
Church search in QUEEN CREEK
Laptop & Cell Phone Google Results
Click to search, "church in Queen Creek" on Google
Church search in TEMPE
Laptop & Cell Phone Google Results
Click to search, "church in Tempe" on Google
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"Church Near Me" Google searches drop in April 2020

Church Near Me Compared To Church Online Search Trends
"Church Near Me" compared to "Church Online" Google Search Trends Last 5 Years(Notice Arizona is 3rd in the whole nation)

Church Near Me searches have been increasing on Google for the past 5 years (see Google Trends screenshot above). 

In early April of 2020 “church near me” searches plummeted — and for the first time in Google history, “church online” searches were higher.

Church near me searches have begun to recover but are still at only 50% of where they were pre-Covid.

We have added “church online” keyword search optimization to our efforts now while still ensuring the improvements for “church near me” rankings for the campus locations hold position.

Google Local Search Visibility for Central's Valley Locations - Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, Queen Creek, & Tempe, AZ

Some Promising Signs...

Total searches, views, and Google direction requests continue to increase

Directions Actions
Google Maps increase in click-for-directions count Q4 compared to Q3

77% Increase in Google Maps click-for-directions

The number of people that have "clicked for directions" from Google Maps is a good indicator of new visitors.

35% Increase in Discovery Searches

Central is being "discovered" online 35% more times in Q4. Discovery searches are appearances for keyword related queries like, "church near me", or "church in...(city)"

30+% Increase in Overall Online Visibility

Central's campus pages have increased in searches by 36%, and total views by 32%.

Some More SEO Wins...

New website visits and organic traffic continues to increase month over month

Central’s website (Centralaz.com) is attracting many new visitors with significant increases in organic traffic.

Organic search refers to the search results of a search engine that cannot be influenced by paid advertising. However, these search results are highly influenced by website structure, online presence, brand recognition, and search engine optimization actions.

116.65% Increase in New website visitors to Central's Campus Pages

- 66.76% increase in all users
- 89.71% increase in organic traffic
- 77.44% increase in new users
- 116.65% increase in new users from Google to campus pages
(Q4 vs Q3)

109.92% Increase in organic traffic to Central's Campus Pages

(Q4 vs Q3)

It's Not Just Google...

Central's expanded online presence

People search on Google, but they “hang out” on social media and other websites like Yelp, Foursquare, and Nextdoor. Having a presence on these directories ensures Central is “available” everywhere online. Also, having fully built profiles on these directories has a positive effect on overall search engine optimization. 

Able to Be Found Wherever Anyone is at

Central Christian Church now has fully built out profiles on Yelp, Foursquare, Nextdoor, ChurchFinder, USAChurches.org, Church Angel, and Faith Street.

Central On Yelp
Central Christian Mesa on Yelp
Central Christian Church on various directories


If there are any questions, or need for clarification on any of the reports, please don't hesitate to contact me via phone, email, or contact form.
David Prian
(480) 799-7045

Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings for Christian Churches in Arizona and specific cities

GMB Reports

Google My Business report totals and individual locations - Q4 vs Q3

Central GMB Stats
Central GMB Stats All Campus Locations Total
Mesa GMB Stats
Mesa GMB Stats
Gilbert GMB Stats
Gilbert GMB Stats
Glendale GMB Stats
Glendale GMB Stats
Queen Creek GMB Stats
Queen Creek GMB Stats
Tempe GMB Stats
Tempe GMB Stats

Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics Reports with a focus on new users and organic search traffic

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