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Custom Built AI GPT Chatbot for your Website

We build custom GPT-4 powered chatbots for your website. They are trained on your entire website and any unique information you provide. 

Nick's Chatbot Overview Video

Our chatbots are powered by the latest available GPT from Open AI. They will know all the content on your website and in addition will know custom content that suites their use case. All conversations had with website visitors can be reviewed later to improve website, chatbot and provide insight.

What Are Some Common Use Cases?

Medical Website
Educate visitors on possible treatments available that fit symptoms described. Also recommend certain medical devices

Wellness Website
Give a recommended herbal supplement treatment plan to fit what the visitors symptoms are. Give links to purchase page for said supplements.

Custom Built Ai Chatbots For Your Website (2) (1)
Custom Built Ai Chatbots For Your Website (2) (1)

Mental Health Website
Can recommend coping skills, types of counseling sessions or groups that best fit what the visitor needs per their situation and feelings.

Law Firm Website
 Answer legal / law questions and direct visitors to further services with the firm. Give links to appropriate firm / contact page for best fit.

Chatbot Conversation Examples

Below are some conversation’s taken from one of our chatbots that is live on the Mikki Device website

The website sells an orthotic that treats a foot condition common to children who play sports often. 

Because of it’s nature, there are often many questions and customer education is important. For this reason the chatbot proves VERY helpful and our client is very happy with it.

Getting Started

Generally we can get a chatbot setup and working on your website within 10 days. The chatbots are able to reason just like a human and even do complex calculations.

There can even be several unique chatbots that are trained differently on the same website.

Let us know what your use case is!

Common Questions

What AI technology do your chatbots use?

Our chatbots leverage OpenAI’s GPT-4, the most advanced conversational AI available.

Yes, the chatbots are trained on every page of your site and know all about your business offerings.

Responses use formatting like bolding and bulleting for enhanced readability. Useful links are also included.

They are highly flexible and can be embedded site-wide or only on specific relevant pages where needed.

Absolutely. We can set up different versions based on buyer stages, products, services and more.

For a moderately sized site, around 10 days depending on complexity.

Conversation analytics help improve site content, identify FAQs to add as pages, maximize self-service and reduce calls.

Yes, all conversations are logged to analyze patterns, fill content gaps and optimize bot performance.

Want a Chatbot Installed on Your Site?

Our team is excited about these new chatbots and the possibilities. Even if you are not sure yet how it could work for you, feel free to reach out so we can figure out if your website can use a chatbot!

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