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Local Search Result In Google 3 Pack

Local SEO Definition

There are many definitions to Local SEO, but they can all be summarized with one sentence, “Local SEO is the process of earning your business a consistent spot in Google’s Local 3-Pack”.

The Importance Of Local SEO for Your Business in 2021 & Beyond...

Local SEO is crucial for business owners who want to improve their online presence, remain relevant, generate more leads, and expand their customer base.

With an effective local SEO strategy, you can ensure that your business is easily found in the local search results and consequently generate more phone calls and leads from online. Furthermore, local SEO can help you to gain credibility in the local marketplace and gain an advantage over your competitors as you establish a dominant and consistent position in the local search rankings. 

An example of a Local Search result on a cell phone showing the business's appearance in Google's Local 3-Pack (#1) and in the organic results (#2).
Anatomy of a Google Local Search result page
Anatomy of a Google Local Search result page.

Examples of Our Local SEO Process Working

The best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of a design or marketing campaign is with real live stories we call case studies.  

A case study is basically an overview of a past project or marketing campaign that

  1. Defines the problem or challenge.
  2. Proposes a hypothesis or strategy.
  3. Shares the steps taken and results achieved.

They are success stories. They show what is possible. They provide you with some steps to take on your own and some inspiration to do so. 

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