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Local Search Result In Google 3 Pack

The Importance Of Local SEO for Your Business in 2021 & Beyond...

Local SEO is crucial for business owners who want to improve their online presence, remain relevant, generate more leads, and expand their customer base.

With an effective local SEO strategy, you can ensure that your business is easily found in the local search results and consequently generate more phone calls and leads from online. Furthermore, local SEO can help you to gain credibility in the local marketplace and gain an advantage over your competitors as you establish a dominant and consistent position in the local search rankings. 

An example of a Local Search result on a cell phone showing the business's appearance in Google's Local 3-Pack (#1) and in the organic results (#2).
Anatomy of a Google Local Search result page
Anatomy of a Google Local Search result page.

Local SEO Definition

There are many definitions for Local SEO, but our definition is:

That’s kind of a long definition but we believe every word is necessary. We have shortened it and rearranged the words in different combinations but felt like something was sacrificed each time so let’s break down our definition and explain why each word was necessary.

Some key points from our definition are:


A series is “a group or a number of related or similar things, events, etc., arranged in order or succession; sequence.” We have a “series” of steps that we follow, some in a specific order, that we know from experience will produce the results we are trying to achieve.


As with any goal, knowing and defining the result you are trying to achieve will make obtaining that goal much more realistic. It’s great to have goals, but make sure they are result-driven based on the value you are trying to obtain. Achieving a goal that ends up NOT delivering the value you expected can take as much time as achieving one that does. Take the time to understand what is valuable to you and separate that from what is just vanity.

actions and strategies:

Strategies are the plan and actions is the work. Local SEO is approximately 40% strategy and 60% work.


The word, "when" when used as a conjunction like in our Local SEO definition, indicates after which; and just then. Basically, the next part is dependent upon.


Carried out, performed. Once again, an action word. Wins don’t always come easy, but they always come in relation to the amount of work you (or us) are willing to put in.


This may seem obvious, but this distinction is important. Like many things in life, there is a correct way to accomplish something and there are shortcuts. Doing something correctly generally takes more time so it can be tempting to skip what may seem inconsequential but is actually effectual.


Expressing inevitable events. We use the word, "will" here with confidence and not words like "may", or "might". The results will come when you stick to the plan. It's not a maybe.


Local SEO results are a series of improvements. There can be some dramatic jumps in rankings, especially in the beginning during the technical and optimization phase, but it will come down to making consistent improvements.


SEO is really about increasing your visibility in search so your business can one of the choices for potential customers, clients, or patients to contact you.


Google is the most popular search engine and most of the “strategies and actions” implemented when done according to "Google’s Best Practices” will have the same positive effects on other search engines as well.

...and other search engines:

Did you know that today Bing controls over 36% of the US desktop search market? Or that Alexa voice search results are generated from Bing? Have you purchased a PC or laptop today with Windows 10? You'll notice the default search engine is not Google (you need to download it if you want it) but is Microsoft Edge which runs off of Bing.


Aaah another action word requiring work. Local SEO is work and if you’ve noticed that is a common thread in our definition. Like most anything in life worth having you generally have to earn it. To earn something is to work for it. But the key distinction here is earning also implies equal opportunity! As competitive and congested your market may be, you can still earn a spot on Google’s Local 3-Pack. We have helped grow businesses whose competitors were some of the most well known brands out there but with a smart plan, dedication, and perseverance these businesses now have a consistent spot in the 3-pack that was earned. Know what you are trying to accomplish and what ROI is important to you.

a consitent spot

We can’t stress how important consistency is. Yes, there are shortcuts that can sneak you into the 3-pack and other visible spots on the search page, but if they are always hit-and-miss, how is that going to help your business in the long run? No, consistency is key.

top of the organic search results

It's no secret that the higher you appear in the organic search results the more attention and actions like phone calls and click for directions to your location you will experience.


Organic results are the non paid ones. Technically organic results can't be bought but are "earned".

keyword queries

Keyword queries are the search terms your potential customers, clients, or patients are typing into the Google search bar or other search engine's search bar.

that provide the highest ROI for your business

ROI, or return on investment, for most businesses is an increase in revenue that exceeds the initial costs or investment. This isn't true for all businesses though. We have some clients whose goals are NOT to increase revenue for their business but to accomplish a different goal. For instance, in the case of our church client, their goal is to encourage people back to church post-Covid (safely and responsibly) and a consistent appearance on Google’s Local 3-Pack continues to help accomplish that.

Examples of Our Local SEO Process Working

The best way to show the effectiveness of a design or marketing campaign is with real live stories we call case studies.  

A case study is basically an overview of a past project or marketing campaign that

  1. Defines the problem or challenge.
  2. Proposes a hypothesis or strategy.
  3. Shares the steps taken and results achieved.

They are success stories. They show what is possible. They provide you with some steps to take on your own and some inspiration to do so. 

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