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Case Study: Shutters, Blinds, & Shades Sales

A Replicable Social Media and Digital Marketing Campaign For Window Treatment Sales


The following case study’s results demonstrate a winning social media and digital marketing strategy for window coverings companies. These examples are from an Arizona-based business, but the strategies, tactics, and measurable results can be replicated for any other window coverings companies in any state.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

  1. Exceptional Lead Generation: For one client, we secured 23 leads at an average cost of only $32 per lead. Another client witnessed an impressive influx of 137 leads over three months, costing just over $25 per lead.
  2. High Conversion Rates: These leads have shown a staggering 95% close rate, turning inquiries into lucrative sales.
  3. Significant ROI: Our clients report a minimum profit of $500 per lead, with many earning substantially more.
Facebook ads results on cell phone
Cell phone with facebook ads results for window coverings company
Facebook Instagram Leads Campaign Report

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Social Media

In the realm of social media, a strategic approach has yielded remarkable results, significantly amplifying overall reach and engagement with outstanding metrics such as a 405.4% increase in total reach to 105.4K, a 17.1% rise in content interactions, an addition of 91 new followers, and an impressive 196.5% surge in link clicks, totaling 2K.

Overall Reach and Engagement

  • Total Reach: 105.4K, which is an increase of 405.4%.
  • Content Interactions: 515, showing a 17.1% increase.
  • New Followers: 91 over the lifetime of the accounts.
  • Link Clicks: 2K, a significant increase of 196.5%.
SDS Customer Lifetime Facebook Performance Analytics

Website Submissions

Analysis of Web Submission Increase and Interest Distribution

  • Percentage Increase in Submissions:
      1. There is a 125% increase in website submissions when comparing December-January to October-November.
  • Distribution of Interests in Window Coverings:
    1. Hardwood Shutters: 56.45% of total submissions showed interest in this category.
    2. Faux-Wood Blinds: 16.13% of submissions were interested in these.
    3. Roller Shades: Accounted for 14.52% of the interests.
    4. Barn Doors: 4.84% of the total submissions.
    5. Something Else: 3.23% of people were interested in other options.
    6. Cellular Shades: Also drew 3.23% interest.
    7. Zebra Shades: Interested 1.61% of the submitters.
Website Submission Percentage Of Interest In Window Coverings
Thank You Page Visits Confirming Lead Submissions

Local SEO and Maps Rankings

Now prominently featured in Google’s Local 3-Pack, this Shutters company is visible for over 26 local window coverings search terms, generating more than 90 monthly phone calls and 91 website clicks.

Google Business Profile Phone Calls For January 2024
Keyword Ranking Improvement
Shutters Near Me Map Rankings
Custom Shutters Local Map Grid Rankings
Shutter Company Google Stats

Google & Bing Rankings

The client emphasized a significant focus on ‘shutters’ as their primary product offering. Consequently, the website now ranks for over 40 keywords on page one, with ‘window shutters’ and associated terms achieving the highest rankings.

Keyword Rankings Shutters Company
Found Keywords With Page One Ranking

Reputation Management and Review Generation

With a straightforward yet impactful Reputation Management and Review Generation program, this initiative successfully elevated the client’s rating from 3.8 to 4.24, consistently garnering approximately 20 new 5-star reviews each month.

Graph showing Review Growth for the last 30 Days

NFC-Enabled QR Code Review Cards

We designed and implemented NFC-enabled QR Code review cards for our installers. This cutting-edge approach enables them to gather new reviews instantly on-site, following each successful installation.

Order Your NFC-Enabled QR Code Review Cards Today!

Review Cards For Window Coverings Companies

Google Ads Metrics & Performance

30 Day Overview of Google Ads Performance

  • 23 lead forms sent on website, and 61 phone calls
  • Click through rates of 8.95%
  • Cost Per Lead: $41.74
Google Ads Performance Metrics

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